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The first NOEL (haha) compilation album is here!

I'm incredibly fortunate to have amazing and talented friends that are willing to churn out some holiday art in a very short amount of time.

Chris Parker is a recently graduated student from SJSU who not only plays every instrument under the sun, but also has an insane knack for finding entire galaxies hidden in bass lines and drum beats. He's one of my best friends and I feel like it's the best gift to have him on this split. Make sure to tell him how awesome his track is so we can force him to do more in the future.

LUV & VYVYAN consists of my dear friend Johnny W. and his friend VYVYAN (from Loko Ono). Johnny has always been that guy who can make the jammest of jams in any situation. He's the one you want to talk to if you're stuck in a song, because he can transform anything into absolute magic. And listening to his new project, LUV, takes you to whole other world. If you see him walking around Little Tokyo one of these days, ask him to sing you our version of Katy Perry's Hot and Cold.

James Follett is the poet laureate of my dreams. When I first started hosting Skype shows in my dining room, I figured he'd read some poetry or prose he liked. I had no idea that not only did he write his own, but he was pretty damn good at it too. Away In A Manger is one of those poems you can feel in your bones.

The Ukulele People are Hugh and Fi McCafferty (all the way in New Zealand). They have managed to turn their entire town into a ukulele obsessed community and you can feel the overwhelming amount of joy every July. But along with their festival, they have their new side project, The Ukulele People. They introduce a hymn to us in this split, but in a completely different way than we're used to. Get ready to smile, is all I can say.

Ryan Abreu is a musical gem. He can slam you on the ground with nothing but his voice and a guitar. I knew he could play and sing after hearing a cover, but when I heard him play one of his originals during a Skype show, my jaw dropped. And I might have danced. Secretly. (His track will be on the split later tonight because he has a life.)


released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Brit Rodriguez Los Angeles, California

I melt faces.

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